Is there a way to upgrade my dedicated video memory?

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my total video memory is 6 gb and dedicated is 512 mb

when i search up gameplay with the same graphics card and and gb ram and its faster but im pretty sure its because my dedicated memory is 512 mb ram

AMD A10-8700P Radeon R6, 1800 Mhz, 2 Core(s),

12 gb ram
Well i fixed it no need to upgrade

Best Answer:

MrSolarGaming: VRAM on an APU is dynamically allocated based on available system memory and application demand. The 512MB dedicated is the minimum amount the system reserves for the integrated graphics. This is all done automatically and is not user adjustable.

As your computer has 12GB RAM. It is likely 1x4GB and 1x8GB. Replacing the 1x4GB with another 1x8GB module will give you 2x8GB RAM. Allowing the memory to act as dual channel memory. This can help gaming performance some as the graphics system will have much faster memory to work with.

Other answer:

No, you can't upgrade the video memory without manually re-soldering it to the chip, and even then it probably would be tricky to get it working.

If you're talking about an integrated graphics chip, it automatically shares system RAM as needed.

You cannot change dedicated video ram. Never could, never will. Period. Just not possible. It is a hardware issue, the way the video is designed in the first place. Hence, you cannot change it.
thanks for the answers and herfot i will try to upgrade my ram tnx