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When i did my speed test , it says that my download speed is 1MB/s , but when im downloading some games , it only gets to 120KB/s it there a way to use that 1MB/s speed while downloading?

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Thow: Use internet download manager.
If ur internet speed is 1mbps , then ur download rate that is transfer rate 120kbps, if 2mbps download speed is 250kbps.

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Yeah that sounds about right usually downloads only run about 1/8th or 1/10th of your actual speed im not sure why.
That is about as much as you get with a 1 Mbps bandwidth. For very low bandwidth connections like that a large percentage of it is taken up with maintaining the connection and verifying the download data.
Evidently no one really understands those speed tests. They can tell you how fast things are going *only on that particular route* and nowhere else.
internet download manager is good.