Is there a way to 100 percent know if someone hacked my computer?

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yesterday, i got a call from someone and they said my computer is hacked.
idk if i should believe them or not

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No there is not a 100% way to know if someone hacked your computer but with the advancements in computer security software these days you can come close.
Please disregard the people telling you it's a scam as they don't know your computer. It is not impossible to get a spyware/malware that can log your passwords or credentials such as address and phone number as you type it into an insecure web site and create an infection in your computer. Then they simply phone you and ask to fix the problem for a fee, it's not that difficult.
If your computer is infected with something you will see a difference some way or another unless it's something like spyware of you're part of a Bone etc.
Now on to the new high tech stuff.
There are so many categories of malware these days that you now need specific types of scanners to protect against or destroy specific types of malware whereas years ago you could get by with a simple antivirus.
Installing multiple individual security apps is too much consumption etc.
There are now multi scanners for small individual files to whole systems.
These will scan your computer using multiple different security technologies that for different things (way too much to explain).
This way you can scan one single time and get the benifit of multiple security companies and it's also done in the cloud. All the virus definitions daily updates no longer need to be downloaded to your computer, it's all kept at the antivirus company.
'HerdProtect' will scan the entire computer using almost every category of malware that exists. It's associated with Microsoft.
I use 'SecureAPlus' as it has 12 antivirus/antimalware etc security programs in one along with Avast antivirus as my main AV (sounds like too much but I know what I'm doing)
Right now they are giving away a free 1.5 year license till January 1st 2017. I just installed my new license and in return they ask to spread the word about their software.…
This antivirus also scans using the 'Virus Total' data base. I'm a security nut and ththese are the most powerful scanners on the Internet right now.
If anybody has anything more effective at scanning computer systems than what I've just mentioned please mention as I would like to know myself.
Hacking can be a lot of things from taking full control of your computer to destroying files in it or simply copying information from it. The first two are obvious. You either won't be able to use your computer or you'll notice that files are missing. The latter is more dangerous. You don't know what's been taken.

Install a password to your username. Enable the Guest user and provide a difficult password for it. Hopefully the hacker is either bluffing or hasn't taken control of your unit yet.

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Smokies Hiker:
Usually if someone contacts you to tell you your computer was hacked…it wasn't. One of the reasons a person hacks any computer is to cause the person lots of grief trying to find out what's wrong with their computer. If you call the person in advance to tell them their computer has been hacked, that removes all the grief and the person can start correcting their computer problems before spending days trying to figure out what happened to their computer that was running just fine the day before. If you have a image backup available, all you have to do is reset your computer and re-install the programs, settings and software, and you're good to go again. I believe someone is likely just "jerking your chain!"
Renee G:
I don't know if your computer has been hacked.

But it is a certainty that a scammer has called you to try to get you to download & install something to lock up your computer so that the scammer can extract money from you to unlock it. If you're lucky, it will even work again…

Very common scam. They call hundreds of random people because they know the majority of people have Windows computers. They scare you into thinking you have an infection, offer to "fix" it for you by getting you to let them remotely control the computer then they steal your data and infect the system with their own malware and charge you money.

Your computer is probably fine. You can run a scan with Malwarebytes to be sure.

this sounds serious. it seems they got into your computer and somehow found your number stored in it. perhaps they hacked your mobile phone.

take note of any number calling you and call police after that.

change all of your passwords on a secure computer you know. change all at once in an hour. take your laptop and mobile phone to someone you can trust to get them wiped and reinstalled with proper antiviruses.

reset your home router with difficult to guess passwords.

very common scam… they call hundreds of random people 'cause they know the majority of people have windows computers… they scare you into thinking you have an infection, offer to "fix" it for you by getting you to let them remotely control the computer then they steal your data and infect the system with their own malware and charge you money…

your computer is probably fine… you can run a scan with malwarebytes to be sure…

Phones calls like that are a SCAM. Hang up. They tell you something is wrong with your computer and what to help you fix it. They want to log on to your computer and if you let them they will install a VIRUS>
or Spyware.
scam/prank phone caller