Is there a laptop with 128GB of ram yet?

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No but get a SSD and increase your page file or create a ram disk on it an SSD will perform almost as fast as real ram!

I've actually tested this I've got an old computer that i rigged to use a SSD it's maximum ram is 256 mg and I've got it doing things modern computers do simply by using the SSD page file

Mobile Workstation class laptops support 64 and 128gb RAM. See Lenovo, HP.
a laptop will never need 128 GB of ram
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi so sounds like what you need is a desktop p.c. some do come very small these days .the cube being just one
theres gotta be but no one needs that much ram
Chris P:
There's one on my shelf and another two at work, so that's at least three on the planet.