Is there a difference between a wireless modem and wifi?

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Part of the problem today is that not all wireless is wifi! Some of the wireless devices are cellular based. They can be used to offer local wifi using cellular internet connections. Wireless is a very broad term, wifi is a very minor part of wireless technology.

A wireless modem is the local (your home) source for wifi. Wifi itself is just a replacement for the need for an ethernet cable. So is there a difference in a modem and an ethernet cable… that is what you just asked in a manner of thought. Modems can included "wireless" but they usually also provide at least a few ethernet connectors. In fact they are combination of modems and a router.

Wireless modem bypasses telephone system and can directly access the internet connectivity through service provider in any place.Wireless modem used only in computers.
WiFi communicate through wireless and the usage is in a specific area.WiFi is used in smartphones,computers and also used to connect other devices.
Laurence I:
all network devices are MODEMS because the switch between what is going down the wires and data going to the processor. we just got used to calling the original Telphone to Lan converters MODEMs so we all think they look like routers. so using the word MODEM is usually misused. a wifi card is a MODEM, a lan card is a MODEM, and an ADSL router has an ADSL MODEM inside it. aCable router has a cable MODEM inside it. wifi can be misused to mean anything to do with wifi, but as sure as eggs are eggs its got at least one modem somewhere.
I Like Stories:
Look at the specifications for the wireless modem. If it claims to support IEEE 802.11 than it's WiFi. WiFi is the marketing name for the IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN specification.
no they are not even the same thing. a wireless modem transmits the wifi. Not the same thing. So you cant compare the two.