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I just wrote a very long essay and i want to find a website or software that types up the essay by me just talking in the microphone so can you guys out there send me the url of the website or software?

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Create a google voice account and leave yourself a voicemail. Then copy and paste the transcribed voicemail to a word document. However, it's likely easier just to type it up because if you don't enunciate clearly, Google can't understand you and regardless, you're going to have formatting errors..
There's software that does this, mainly Dragon Naturally Speaking, but I don't know of a free site.
David A:
You could Google "dictation software for PC". I don't know for sure if it is built in to MS WORD (or included in an add-on package), but it is on my computer.
you can use google docs.
1. go to google docs
2. click on tools
3. then select voice typing
4. use microphone to speak
it will convert you voice into text… so easy…hope this helped
You can use dictation software on your PC.