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I'm trying ubuntu 16.04 LTS. I found that sound output (through headphones) is superior to Windows 10. Much more crispy/deep with awesome amount of bass. So What's missing in Windows? Why ubuntu have better sound output than Windows?

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In my opinion, when this happens its down to windows being paid for, in short there is no money in microsoft taking the time and effort to get the sound cards of every model of computer to be the best they can be. So they go general, get it o just "work" rather than work the best. But ubuntu is community driven, so as users and programmers get a computer they take the time themselves to tweak the drivers to be the very best they can be and then release that code to the community and you.
Windows is a busiess ubuntu is a community, ubuntu has loads of free software that would cost you hundreds if not thousands in windows but its made by entheusiasts
I have Ubuntu 14.04. I dont know about any sounds. My speaker is not turned on much. I havent used Windows for years. You could go to this Linux site for answers.
There are two possible reasons.

1. The sound driver for the audio chip
2. An equalizer setting or settings is different by default.

Barry Manilow:
There isn't. Perhaps the program you were playing it out if but it's just a sound card.