Is SamSung Korean or Japanese company?

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btw my TV/PC Monitor is a Samsung

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Parr: Because in Japan, people don't want to interfere with other people's affairs. My cousins I. Japan have lived there for six years and they told me that Japanese people try not to inflict there self into anyone else's concerns. And about what you said about Japanese people helping people. I assure you they do, when I was in Japan anyone I asked for help would help me. They would even try to speak in English to me. This was in Tokyo so i don't know about where your cousin was. A popular phrase in Japanese that Japanese people use to express feelings about things like a fight or an incident in public is shouganai しょうがない。 " it can't be helped" and in Tokyo people have places to be and things to do, they don't have time for other people's affairs, they probably already have a lot of stuff on their plate. I hope this helped

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Samsung is a Korean based company
Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea