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i keep getting calls from some pakistani or indian saying my computer is corrupt. How does he know and how did he get my phone #?

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It's a scam. There's plenty of Indians calling around, claiming to be some support from Microsoft or something similar, and tells you what to do on your computer to "fix it". They can have got your phone number from anywhere possible really.

In the end they'll want your money.

As above… scam. They will tell you that if you allow them access to your computer, they will fix the problem remotely. What they will actually do is steal any personal information you have stored, AND, install every sort of back door malware they can.

There is no telling where they got your number… it is probably just a robo-dialer that passes off the call to one of the scammers if somebody actually answers.

Yes your computer is corrupt BUT NOT MORE THAN GOVERNMENT.
Yes your computer is corrupt BUT NOT MORE THAN GOVERNMENT.
Scam. Best thing to do is play dumb and keep the creep on the phone answering simple questions then ask for the website (you won't get it) ask for a supervisor (also won't get one) and be annoying as possible.
It probably is not. He is a scammer. They call random lists of phone numbers in sequence. Tell him you are reporting him to the police.