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66.30 mb/sec downstream 15.10 mb/sec upstream

I live in a rural part of England and want to know whether its average or below average thanks

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If you really mean 66.30 mb/sec down stream, then that is way below average. However, if you use the correct units 66.30 Mb/sec is significantly above average.

An upstream figure above about 10% of the downstream figure is generally what is required for most home Internet connections.

It always puzzles me why people use 'm' to mean milli when they talk about ping (lag) times as in 25 ms; and then use 'm' when they should be using 'M' for Mega when they are talking about data rates.

There are 10^9 millibits (mb) in 1 Megabit (Mb).

I hope this helps.

Across the whole of the UK you'll find that's above average. I live in London close to a former main BT HQ and I and my neighbours barely get 2 Mb/s download and 0.6 Mb/s upload. Plenty of people in rural UK areas still only have dial-up modems.

The last figures I saw showed that in 2016 the average UK broadband download speed was 14.9 Mb/s, so even your upload speed is higher than the average download speed. You're even above the average peak broadband speed (an average of the fastest connections in the UK) which currently stands at 61 Mb/s.

Bear in mind that those averages are for those who have broadband. If you added in all landline internet connections those figures would be far lower as they'd include those with just dial-up as their only choice.

However you cut it, you benefit from one of the very highest broadband speeds currently available to any UK consumers.

That would be above average here in the States.
60 meg on the download….15 meg on the upload…..that's not bad…..kinda depends on what service your paying for….if it is a 75 meg down….eh-h-h-h-h….could be a little better….if you package is a 100 meg on the download….I'd call and complain….
Laurence I:
go to and it will tell you, and also show you any other peole that have tested near to you.