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currently running windows 10 and want to get some opinions on linux so i can make a decision 🙂

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Five years ago I bought a Samsung netbook pre-loaded with Win7 and it was the slowest thing ever. I got tired of waiting for it to catch up with itself and it's pathetic 1gb ram just wasn't enough for Windows, so I got a USB install of Ubuntu prepared, formatted the hard drive and installed Linux.

I had a little experience with Linux in the past on a friend's PC, so installing all the extras was easy enough and I ended up with a marvellous operating system and GIU that did everything I needed. And it was FAST! Unbelievable how two different OS could perform so differently on the same little machine. I still use that netbook when I go out of the house for writing articles (I installed Libre Office – does everything MS Office does only less overhead), browsing online via wi-fi and procrastinating with the odd game or two.

There are tons of great open source apps and games for Linux that are dead easy to install and use if you have the courage to move away from Windows or Mac (because that's what everyone uses, right?) and try an OS that is streamlined, fast and uncluttered with all the bloat that the big systems carry with them.

Oh, and one other thing going for Linux – most hackers and the "Get Bill Gates" brigade are mostly busy attacking MS PCs – they aren't targeting Linux PCs!

Higgy Baby:
The major drawback for Linux and "new users" is that Linux does not run most software written for windows without some work. If you are a gamer- you should stick with windows for now.

If you are not a big gamer, and do not need windows for some "specific" reason….then Linux will be fine. Actually Linux is much better than any windows ever, and much easier to use.
I tried Ubuntu back in 2008……I am still using it- not a single issue yet!

I am not a techno-geek, I do not know how to write code, I can not work in the command line or terminal. I just point and click with the mouse. Currently I am using Ubuntu Mate 16.04…..its just too easy.

What should you do?…..thats your choice to make……but if you have even 1 single issue with windows- try Ubuntu……you will not have any more.

About a year and a half ago….I re-installed windows 7 on my laptop- just to get the free upgrade to windows 10. It was nothing but trouble. I bounced back and forth between win 7 and 10 just to see if it was worth fooling with. What a mess. I gave it a good honest run… is far too much trouble to fool with unless you have some specific need to run it.

You can test Linux mint in my opinion the best option it's just Ubuntu made windows like.

Get a live usb or DVD and go into control panel under power management find choose what the power button does then click show settings that are unavailable.

Now click it now you can unchecked fast start so that when you boot you can use the f12 or f10 or escape button to open up the boot menu then use the arrows keys to select the media that holds Linux hit enter.

When Linux starts to load hit enter and wait for it to load poke around and try it.

Bear in mind it won't be slow fully installed reading it off the DVD will slow it down.

If you decide to install click install on the desktop you can choose to install it alongside
Windows or replace windows.

You will have the option to choose at each boot up as long as windows fast start is off
And Linux unlike windows runs just like your smartphone! You already know Linux well!

Android is Linux!

Good luck

For the average person, I think Linux Mint would be perfect for you. There's a bit of a learning curve but it's real simple and comes prepackaged with Firefox, Banshee (A music player) and you can download steam for all the newest games. Installation is simple as well.
If you're into the latest desktop, I'd recommend the Cinnamon GUI as its crisp, clean and in many ways like windows.
You can simply run ANY version of Linux to try it using a VIRTUAL MACHINE SOFTWARE. I use VMWARE on many machines so I can run virtual machines while running my normal windows (7 and 10 typically). There are others and sometimes you have to reset your bios setting on INTEL CPU's but it is not hard.

I would suggest starting with Linux Lite 3.2 It is not a HUGE distro…and made from Ubuntu.

What task are you planning on using Linux for? If you're planning on running any kind of server then it's well worth it. If you're planning on using it for normal desktop use then it's not worth it in the long run unless you really want to learn how to properly administer a Linux system.
Not if you play games. Otherwise, it's a relatively capable system.