Is it useless to be studying how to make websites?

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I´m currently learning how to make websites, but I found a website called, which allows you to make a website, so i was wondering if learning to make a website is useless?

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I build websites as part of my business. I'm so glad I forced myself to learn from scratch how to build html code into view-able web pages back in the early days. It gave me a good foundation to understand what lies beneath a website's hood. I kept learning how to tweak and improve to make websites that look good, are fast to load and are responsive so visitors get a great user experience and the search engines like them because they tick all the right boxes.

Too many people build really bad websites and wonder why they never show up in search. Or they turn to "done-for-you" solutions like WordPress, Weebly or Wix and the like and put up cookie-cutter pages that look the same as everyone else and still the search engines won't rank them and the site owners wonder why.

The answer to your question: Absolutely NO! The Internet/world wide web is moving forward very fast and people who learn how to make websites really well are at the cutting edge. They got there by learning the basics and advancing… and not settling for easy-looking short-cuts that lead their users down a dead-end road to nowhere. If you're interested in websites and how they work – learn how they work and you'll be so glad you did!

Useless is a heavy term. Lets say there are more options than before. I hear good things about Wix. It's easy to use, and you don't need to know code – to get started. As your business gets bigger, however, the demand for custom solutions will arise. Just have a plan in place when that time comes – build or buy.
Wix is an example of a templated site – makes it easy(ish) to get a site up if you don't know much but doesn't allow very much flexibility. Many people nowadays use a content management system such as WordPress which gives a huge range of facilities. Having knowledge of what lies behind a site can make it easier to alter cms-ed sites. So, carry on learning but don't devote years of study – get the basics and then look at WP or some such system,
Is it useless to study American history? I mean, I can spend a $1 bill even if I don't know that George Washington was the first president of the US. Do you plan to try to get onto "Jeopardy"?

People use "templates" on sites like wix and if a particular template suits your needs then that's all you need.

And if you want to customize things and you don't know how to do it, then you can hire someone to do it. I took auto shop in high school but I flunked and I pay people to change my oil.

So, you have to decide for yourself, based on your own goals.

Micheal Cullis:
You're confused.

There are many website sellers like wix and they hire website makers to make the websites that they lease out.

Basically they are the people who will hire you unless you've got talent to make and sell your own templates.

No one uses Wix. And by no one, I mean any business that needs a real website.
You will need a qualified source to learn from.