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My dad is out of town for a few months, and he needs a couple of papers. He told me to send them to him by email. I am going to scan them onto my computer and send them as a png. Is this safe, or can anyone else access them like hackers for example?

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Ahmad: It is as "safe" as sending anything in an email. If the account was hacked, the hacker would have access to the information. So what he would want to do is print the documents as so as he gets them and then delete the email. Then they would not be there is the account were hacked.

Another alternative is to convert the scanned images into a PDF file. Most PDF creators (and there are lots free ones you can download) include an option to password protect the file. Send him the password seperate from the file (such as in a text message on his phone). Then if someone did "hack" the file, they would be unable to open it. Again, once he has printer the documents, delete the email.

Other answer:

Hackers should only be able to access it if the website or email service provider is unsecure, so otherwise it would be safe and secure. 😀
This depends on the email service you use, if you use open one like your own website mail or gmail then its relatively secure, wouldnt like to use it for banking. your best bet is to scan them then add them to a zip file and add a password.
Would be a log quicker to send if it was a .jpg, or if you managed to compile them into a .pdf file
Of course it is safe. People do it all day every day.
yea, e-mail is alot faster and saved TONS of time