Is it safe to change my laptop processor?

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It's perfectly safe. I've changed laptop processors in the past. It is more complex than a desktop processor, but not hard if you're comfortable taking a laptop apart.
If you have to ask, it's not safe to change it. Are you mechanically inclined and can follow YouTube and or how to videos demonstrating the process? Yes it's safe. The GPU is normally permanent. Most laptops do allow the CPU to be changed. Will the upgrade be worth the expense? Idk. Idk your laptop, current specs, whether or not your particular laptop allows CPU upgrades or which CPU you plan on installing. Of course if you try and install something that isn't compatible you will have issues.
honestly probably not. I tried installing a new psu on my pc and it short-circuited it because the atx wiring for the power wasn't compatible. it could work if you have a compatible processor, but laptops are typically trickier to customize than pcs. it might not break it but it might not work either.
as long as you know how (and the power is off). if you are a n00b, i would not recommend. they are easy to break. i'm a pro and i've broken them!