Is it rude for someone to not reply to a facebook message?

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Undisclosed: It's not rude to avoid replying to any message ever. The original point of text messages of any kind were to leave a message for someone when you or they don't have time for a conversation. Modern users got used to the rapid response standard and forgot this.

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No, it's not rude. Mainly because not everyone's online all the time and someone's reply depends on the urgency and the importance of your message. But if it's really urgent, important, seen, yet ignored, it is rude (unless the person didn't really see and read it yet due to reasonable reasons).
It Depends on the Reason if they didint have time to Reply back and only had time to come on and check there Facebook its not Rude but if they had time to reply back to messages and never wrote back then its Rude
The introduction of "Seen" in online messaging is truly an invasion of privacy. Do not feel obligated to reply within 2 seconds. If you want a continuous short conversation, give a facebook call instead.
No. Avoiding a reply could rather save you giving rude answers to some annoying persons.
it depends on the context like if they have been offline for 3 hours you cant just expect them to get a magical notification in their head or if they haven't seen it yet but is they see it and don't reply then its pretty rude but then again it does depend on what your message said
It may or may not be depending upon the personality of the person. It may also be possible that the intended user didn't read the message at all.
Some people have a life and don't have time to respond.
unless they have a plausible reason, i think so