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Hi I am wondering if it's possible to make money off a blog and how is it possible.

Best Answer:

Kingkhan: 99.9% of the time no. You can sell advertising space, and get someone to sponsor your blog (in return for promoting their products)

But web advertising only pays if you have zillions of views, and likewise, sponsoring a web page that only has 7 followers, and one of those is your Mum, isn't worth very much.

So the question becomes, what you are you going to blog about? What you had for breakfast and random musings about the weather for the rest of the day? Probably not. What you had for breakfast before setting out to jump the Grand Canyon on a pulse jet powered trike? Yeah, that might attract some interest. Of course you will need a trike and a pulse jet (and probably a crash helmet / parachute) to make that one possible.

Finding the next "Grumpy Cat" might work, but for every Grumpy Cat there is a 1,000 "Has-been Hound" that never made it big.

Other answer:

You'll be able to make money from working with companies to promote their products or through some sort of ad service like with youtube and ad-sense. Not sure how you would go about the latter but keep doing your research and you'll find something, although, don't expect to be making lots of money from it.
A blog not really. It's a bit outdated and the advertisement revenues will be negligible.
But many people make their life as a "YouTuber".