Is it possible to make a website without a domain?

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Is it possible to make a website without a domain? and without using Wix?

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Yes, you can make website without a domain name at and the url will be like and its free also but this is suitable for personal portfolio site, non commercial blog site or for testing purpose of your upcomimg professional / commercial website.

For professional and commercial website, you need to register your domain name, buy a reliable web hosting package. You also need to design your website from scratch or can use wordpress cms or drupal cms or so to make your website. You may also need plugins for shopping cart, payment gateway etc to make ecommerce store.

If you are interested in building professional or ecommerce site, I am suggesting you to register affordable domain name, buy most reliable web hosting package, website builder, ecommerce solution, secure ssl certificate (to accept online payments safely) and many more related services.

David N:
Yes it is.

There is a difference between making a website and putting a website online.
Just like there is a difference between WRITING a computer program and RUNNING a computer program.

No. You need a domain of some sort to be reachable online. Even if it is a free one. You can always edit and pages on your local machine that only you can see of course.
Yes, but it's limited to your computer. In fact, I suspect simple websites are made in this way, before being uploaded to a server.

However, if your website needs CGI processing, then that's best done by uploading it to the server and testing it there.

It will of necessity have to be under someone else's domain, and you won't have a whole lot of control over it.
yes and yes.