Is it possible to fall in love through Facebook ?

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Given that it is a person who really exists, who is well known by many people.

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Westward Wind: Probable? Not really – possible? Sure. Back before the days of computers, the equivalent of facebook was 'pen pals' – and there were many romances that started with the stroke of a pen. The most famous was Catherine the Great (the last Empress of Russia) and the French philosopher Voltaire. They were romantic "pen pals" for 15 years until Voltaire's death in 1778.

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Westward Wind:
Yes, it's very much possible. Trust me. I met this guy about 4 years ago. Actually, I met him on a site called Trevor Space but it only started out as a friendship there, and we got to know each other more on Facebook. Not only Facebook, there was Skype for almost 5 hours every night and phone calls everyday. So it's not just Facebook; you can fall in love on several social media sites. See, you are getting to know the person via these sites, so therefore it's most likely you will fall in love.
I don't think you can fall in love with anyone on the internet. Where is the social interaction? Do you know who you are talking with? I think you can only fall in love with people that you have met and really got to know.
Yes, it happens to some people. My cousin met his wife on Facebook and they have been married for 6 years, although i suspect he is a homosexual
Yes is posible. But my opinion is this is very bad. You can meet with your partner in facebook but you must to go out and meet up in real life.
Yes, ofcourse. I found my life partner through facebook.
There is a show that shows that is very much possible (as well as the consequences of that).

Catfish on MTV.

Yes, though all depends how long you've been talking.