Is it possible for a network with a changed password to have the passwrd cracked?

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I m not asking how to do it , im asking if it s possible, im quite sure that even though im changing my passwords someone manages to sneak in, is it possible via programmes or something?

Other answer:

WEP can be cracked with the correct software within an hour or so.

WPA is much more secure, but the TKIP based encryption can be hacked if the hacker can capture sufficient packets.

WPA2 uses AES encryption, which is much more secure. Cracking WPA2 normally involves a lot of luck and trying many dictionary words. With over 10^77 different encryption keys for WPA2, providing you do not pick a pass phrase that can be easily guessed it could take many many years to crack WPA2.

Disable WPS if your router has it, as certain versions of WPS can be cracked fairly quickly.

Change the WiFi pass phrase AND the login password to configure the router to be different from the factory settings. Keep a note of the configuration password. If you have changed it and you cannot remember the new one, then you will have to reset the router back to the factory settings if you want to make any further changes.

I hope this helps.

To add to Benjamin. Make sure you turn off WPS. WPS is WiFi protected setup. It is an 8 digit code, that allows the router to give the device the password. It is used as an easy way to connect a device to the network by pressing a button on the router and an option on the device. The problem with WPS is that it can be easily cracked and is always broadcasted even without pressing the button. Some can be cracked in seconds.
Yes it is possible, given enough time, any of the standard wifi password algorithms can be cracked.
Try setting your security to WPA2 in your routers settings, as WPA2 tends to be harder to crack then WEP or WPA
what makes you so sure?