Is it okay to use my computer very early in the morning?

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When I get up in the morning (about 5 am), I just walk up and down in my room for 3 or 4 minutes then I turn on my computer and use it for about 30 minutes or more. I only use it for studying. NOT gaming.

I've been doing this for over a week now. And I want to know the risks of doing this.
Thanks in advanced!
Oh. And Will it damage my eyes if I keep using my computer very early in the morning everyday???

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Muth: Using a computer early in the morning is dangerous because the atmosphere is very cold from not being warmed by the sun for several hours cooler air is more likely to conduct electricity and that is why you sometimes get shocked on metal during the winter. The static electricity from the computer will charge the air and can damage the more sensitive components like the CVP-B and the FRAM.

Everything that I just said was total BS. You can use a computer any time of day no matter what.

Other answer:

Possible Side effects are Better Grades, Higher Scores and Less Stress in Class with More Preps and Awareness then Others

Then Again there is Radiation from Computer Screens and TVs maybe you should get some protection !

Cycling a computer on and off all day is no harm to a computer as long as your properly shutting down the computer. Doing this at anytime of the day or night is fine, just make sure you turn it off properly.
The only risk is you might wake up someone else. If you're awake and can make good use of the time then there's no problem.
Smokies Hiker:
Doing this shouldn't harm anything at all. Where I worked, on the "night shift", we were using computers from 11PM until 6:30AM.
You aren't seriously asking this, correct?
I can not think of any issue with this. You might be missing sleep and that might be dangerous to your next day perhaps.
Those are already beginning to show. It is affecting your brain so badly you had to ask this.
buffalo ny: do you mean you are annoying others? maybe stop walking and use earphones?
Okay,you can use anytime.