Is it OK to unplug my modem and router at night or when I am out.?

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Modems and routers are low power, so there is only a very small saving of electricity by unplugging them.

There are three reasons I can think of for not turning them off:

1) There will be some warming up and cooling down if you remove the power overnight. This inevitably will lead to a small amount of expansion and contraction that could eventually fatigue joints on the circuit board. The more thermal cycles they go through the more likely that a failure may occur.

2) For ADSL, the modem and the ISP's equipment will work to optimise the connection. There are many separate signal components to a broadband connection, some of which work well while others are unreliable. It can take a few days for the connection to optimise for speed and consistency. If you turn off your equipment it can prejudice this optimisation.

3) For wireless routers, the majority are produced with a default setting that chooses the wireless channel automatically as the router boots. This is done on the basis of the channel that is carrying the least interference. If your router is turned off then neighbouring networks may start using all the channels around you leaving you with interference and slow speed. By leaving the router on 24/7, especially if you set it on a specific channel, it will help reserve that channel mainly for your use.

Even with the first point above, you should get several years of service from a modem and router if you do turn them off every night.

At a previous house, I always turned my router off at night. There were terrible problems with reception. The ISP sent out an installer when we moved house because there had to be a new phone socket and that's when I asked him about turning it off. He said the feedback to the exchange would make it think there was a problem and the exchange would change the transmission and this would cause problems. He had nothing to do with the electricity provider so am wondering if he was right.
Yups, its OK to Unplug the modem and router at night or sometimes whenever you are not at home.
Its not necessary but if u can do it then its good.
You most certainly can. Also, are you aware whenever you unplug your router you will get a new IP address when you reconnect.
Update – I have a HP laptop with Microsoft Windows 10 installed. I have Fibre Optic BT Broadband with free amount download. There have been times when I have had mains power cuts, when l reconnected to my computer l always have a changed IP address. There are occasional problems with my BT modem, l switch it off at the mains, after a minute turn it back on, the IP address is always different.
I also have two browsers operating at the same time on my little laptop, IE and MS Edge, I toggle between them both at the same time.
Jan Zizka:
Yes, it can save it from lightning short circuits.
I was told by my internet company that it is supposed to be left plugged in all the time, if you plug then unplug it then the internet company will think that your line is unstable and reduce your speed in the hope that a reduced speed will make it more stable
No its not ok. it goes against global fair use policy for the internet, agreed and ratified by all participant nations in the late 1970's.
its very good to save your modem or router from any emergency electric excident
yeah, it shall incise life of modem/router