Is it good or bad to use a cooling pad for a laptop?

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Good for sure. Laptops can often get very hot due to their size and power and the fact that it sits on your lap. A cooling pad will draw out some of that heat, making the laptop run more smoothly and your lap more comfortable.
It's absolutely a good thing…. don't and under no circumstances use your laptop without a coolpad .. as one of the users said , its main function is to reduce the heat of your laptop as it keeps moving hot air outta your system .. this is really useful specially when suing your laptop for so long for example for 8 hours a day …
I think the cooling pad is for your lap, not your laptop. Some laptops can get very warm on your lap and while the laptop is fine, your lap may become uncomfortably warm.
Depends if you need to cool your laptop or not! In Alaska, outside: bad. In a hot desert, good.
JaiKumar Rijhwani:
Its good to use it as it keeps moving hot air out but from my suggestion if ur laptop is heating continuously and near fan maybe its due to dust in sink..will suggest you to give it to good mechanic who wil clean and remove dust from heat sink and fan so u will not require cooling pad