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My friends suggest not to buy evga while reading off of forums and reviews say evga is a reliable brand. Whats the verdict?

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EVGA is or at least was the best of the best. No company could make a card that would touch their High end "Classified" models. The other companies have improved over the last 5 years and in some ways they've caught up or slightly exceeded some of EVGA's cards.

Part of the reason is, years ago all you could buy were reference cards and EVGA won by offering superior customer service. EVGA seems to be trying to follow these companies rather than lead. This isn't a first. Several years ago EVGA used to make the best motherboards and they just kind of fell away from that segment.

However, not one of those companies can touch EVGA's customer service. By far, EVGA has the best customer service of any computer hardware company. You name it, EVGA beats it. I bought an EVGA GTX 590 that came with a lifetime warranty. After 5 years the card died and EVGA game me a GTX 970. Also, I have two EVGA GTX 670 cards that I bought 4 years ago and they're still running.

The only Caveat to EVGA is, you have to register the product within 30 days of buying it. In the old days, EVGA would not honor the warranty if you did not register the product, or they would shorten the warranty terms.

The thing is, if EVGA makes a mistake they don't try to bury the issue like MSI or Asus would. EVGA has always tried to own up to the issue and correct it, even at the individual customer level. EVGA choose to make this issue public. Already, both MSI and Asus tried to fool reviewers and the public with sample cards that had a special BIOS selected for the reviews.

There has been recent issues regarding overheating VRM modules on their GTX 1080, 1070, and 1060 models.

EVGA has issued free thermal pads to whoever requests them. The end user would have to take the card apart and install the cooling pads over the VRM.

At the end of the day, it's business. Thanks to other companies pushing their designs to gain an advantage in the market, customers expect cards that are built like tanks. Aside from the overpriced Classified model, EVGA could do a better job with their FTW and SC models.

VRM and RAM are sensitive parts that need exceptional cooling. Hopefully EVGA has now learned to not skimp on these parts. People will try to push these cards to Obscene levels and these parts are what usually fries when they do that.

The most reliable brands for Graphics cards are Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, EVGA, Sapphire, and XFX. IMO, Asus seems to lead the pack with custom cards. All are good and make a tough product.

The best solution is to go to newegg and read the reviews on the card you wish to buy. If there's an issue people let the net know.

EVGA is a good brand but i'd go for whatever has the best price with among the best cooling.

The commonly sold card designs i'm not a fan of in terms of looks but that's purely aesthetic and of opinion (although there is other great looking ones they have). EVGA to me is a solid brand so go for it

Try Nvidia or something along those lines. Also try to read reviews about certain cards, they may not work like the company promises
Ivy ♥:
EVGA isn t good. MSI/ASUS cards/boards are much better. My card and motherboard are MSI & I ve never had issues yet friends with EVGA cards & other random boards have had issues with their cards fans/heatsinks & cards dying early in their lifetime.

Take my advice & get something reliable like an MSI card.

Generally yes, but don't buy from their store. The return policy is not as good as a retailer.
Andy L:
Up until recently their history was best of breed. EVGA was known for superior redesign of power circuits to get more performance at lower wattage. Excellent warranties, excellent service, low failure rates

Recent new issue in GTX 1060, 1070, 1080……

In 2012 they did recall some GTX 670 superclock cards

As customers are looking for lower and lower prices in electronics, quality will often fall. We see it in laptops in general and see it in certain motherboards and just about all other electronics.

EVGA has stepped up to take ownership of the problem.

In general, the latest GPUs have their reference design clock pushed up near its maximum, and people still want overclock cards, so it is those cards that face more issues.

I have worked with Gigabyte and Asustek on other products personally with their engineers and QC staff and also to some extent with MSI. These key brands, and EVGA from their history all know what they are doing.
I am more concerned about Palit, Gainward, Galax, PowerColor who aim at lowest cost of product.
Sapphire and XFX seem to know how to run their business in providing good quality.

My own thought is account for this issue in the GTX 1000 series from EVGA about their recall and whether you accept their solution. They did not bury the issue. Possibly also in these GTX 1000 series aim for cards at base clock instead of pushed for a few percent improvement and be willing to pay for known superior cooling. This is regardless of brand. The EVGA issue is in overclocking the cards.,373,369,367&sort=d5&page=1&X=2992,473900
Clocks are 1.51GHz to 1.72GHz
End to end is only 14%.
GTX 1080:
Versions differ by up to 6%

GTX 1070:
Versions differ by up to 6%

GTX 1060 6GB, similarly 6%
GTX 1060 3GB also, 6%

Although EVGA has a design issue on these cards, part of the problem is the customers looking to squeeze out a higher clock, as a small performance edge, and get it cheaper, instead of respecting and asking which is the best quality card holding low temperatures with best cooling.

Customers push the companies too far. I allow EVGA their error in a part choice and clocked too high for the power circuit. Remember that these cards also move quickly now design to production. That reduces the allowed time to test the designs. Asus, Gigabyte, MSI can have the same problems occur.

Been around for years and years… I wouldn't have any problem with using one.