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I have tried downloading it, but my antivirus says every version is infected. Is it safe and I should pause the antivirus? I just don't want another virus.

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Szymon: I just use cheat happens for trainers. But every game trainer WILL trigger a false AV because of the way it operates. That is why I use an exclusion folder and only their website. Because MANY of the others do contain malware. I have a lifetime subscription with them and never had any problems. But like I said, create and exclusion folder and set it in your AV software configuration so it will not delete it upon unpacking the file.

Yes, I know people sometimes abuse them. I get them for my daughter, or for once I have beaten the heck out of a game legitimately, then try it in fun mode with a trainer. But NEVER on an MP game! That is not cool and will get you banned.

***I forgot to mention my daughter stopped using them as well. She learned how it ruins a game if you use it before beating a game.***

Other answer:

Yes, it's safe. Antivirus flags it because you can use it to modify system files. Just add it to the antivirus exception list. As long as you are getting Cheat Engine from a legit site, you won't have any problems.
Master Of Puppets:
Cheatengine is safe. However, because it modifies the programs code, or "injects" it, it seen as a virus because that's what a lot of viruses do.
Your antivirus is telling you the answer to this already… cheats are notorious for being loaded down with malware.