Is C the best programming language for beginners?

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Silly Goose: C is a good choice a you can carry on using it to develop programs / apps for any device or computer.

It's not as easy as some other languages as it does not "nanny" you – if you make mistakes, they will not always be obvious; you need to be careful and precise.

It's also good as you can move progressively on to C++, which in principle is a set of extensions to C that allow you to use other programming styles and adds some simpler and more convenient functions.

Find a good IDE (integrated development environment) – that's a combined editor, compiler and debugger that allows you to work on programs more interactively and make finding errors & bugs far easier.

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Silly Goose:
We can not say C is the best language to start but C is kind of language which teaches you the basic programming which probably used in every language like print insert etc.. So you can learn C language for a while in starting. And for Basic C you can read from Yashwant Kanetkar book Let Us C.
There is no "right" or "best" language to start with. If someone wants to start with C they can certainly do so.

C is small, which, on the surface might make it seem easier, but it is NOT the easiest language. Unfortunately, every programming language has quirks and I wonder if someone will ever come up with a language that is devoid of "gotchas".

I usually recommend Python 2 for beginners. It is a widely used general-purpose, high-level programming language that is relatively simple but very powerful..

You can look at these Python tutorials:…….

You can download Python at

Andy T:
No, it is the worst as beginner language.
Grumpy Mac:
No. C is a very low-level language compared to Python, Java, Basic.
Yes it the basics level
I'm with Aussie on this one.
Gary B:
BASIC is the best for beginners.

C and C++ are MUCH MORE COMPLICATED because they are more abstract

Because we have C, we can talk to computers easily and effectively.
I would say no