Is anything in this picture photoshopped? Experts?

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I think the watch and belt are fake. Opinions?

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Looks like someone photoshopped an idiot into this nice picture of a bathroom. He's not even looking back at the camera!
Actually it seems to me that the entire hand, with watch, has been photoshopped. Examine the 'wrist' about 1" above the watch. You will note the slight difference in flesh tones. Blowing the image up to around 600% makes it pretty conclusive. Also, if you look at the structure of the hand, it appears disproportionate to the arm. Belt also appears to have been shopped.
Belt appears photoshopped, the watch looks real and the yellow face simply has to be photoshopped
Try to use websites that offer "Error Level Analysis" or photo forensics like…
They are usually accurate in detecting manipulated and photoshopped images
Yes it looks like most of it is photoshopped.
His right wrist appears to have been lengthened. Attempt at Belt buckle is poor. There's not even a belt visible. Smiley face has been added to photo obviously…that's all that jumpers out to me, I did not examine it too closely but the photo is of rather poor quality.
The image looks photoshopped
2bits Ov Knowledge:
I am betting the yellow face is pasted on. Chances are the hand with the watch belongs to somebody else. The watch is positioned awfully low, near the hand, HE is also a flat girl. Otherwise I don't care. Y do U?