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Just wanted to know what easiest to learn first before going to the other. I know some Java and little Swift.
I know more Java than swift, but isn't the Java in Android very different?

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The Official PlayStation Expertâ„¢: Java in Android is not much different from the regular Java – plus there are loads of documentation on the Android developer site. It's all a matter of opinion really; if you know Java, its probably easier to get into Android and you can step in to iOS later on.

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The Official PlayStation Expertâ„¢:
Android is base on a core java., if you know the Java so you can quickly work on Android.
On Android, you have Activities instead, and you build your app layout using a Design tool or XML.

So, I think Android is easier to learn than ios

Regarding your update, "different" depends on what you mean by that. On desktops you create JFrames and put jButtons and jPanels on them.
On Android you have Activities instead, and you build your app layout using a Design tool or XML.

You need to learn the Android API though, and it can be a bit confusing at first how to do basic stuff like open files, but the Java code you'll be writing is essentially exactly the same as on a Desktop, including adding ActionListeners to your GUI elements and the like.

The biggest issue I have is that everything has to run asynchronously, because Android keeps complaining if you do stuff on the main thread (like load images from a server, stuff that could take a while). No biggie though. I like it.

Taco Dance:
You're asking for opinions here. I find them both very easy to use. Anybody giving you answers one way or the other will be biased. You can simply ask for preferences. I prefer android over Apple due to the customization of several things across the platform that is almost non-existent in iOS. But basic usage is very simple and intuitive for either. I was first exposed to iPhone before android and had no trouble applying my knowledge to use the other.
Android Development is a sensible choice, and iPhone is the future of the business world.
What do you mean by "learn"? Use? Program? Hack? Troubleshoot? Network connect? Manage?