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I know they make it more secure, but I'm talking about vpn's or proxys you set up from your home router. If I were to use my router as a proxy, would it be secure? Safe? Or would it be a straight path into my home.

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Adrian: I use a VPN so that my home router becomes the gateway to the internet. I trust my ISP much more than public places! By doing a personal VPN using your home system you can indeed create a secure tunnel and use your home router as the internet gateway. Since you have a secure tunnel from wherever you connect no one can read or intercept what you are doing (besides you own ISP). It works very well if you use public hot spots, hotels, etc for connections.

You may setup a "proxy" but that is optional since a normal VPN would set you as a local machine to your router. Depending on the OS… you may have to select to use the "remote gateway" or use "local gateway" in order to force traffic to your home system. It CAN slow your internet down slightly when you connect since the path has to travel to your home, then back out, then to your home, then back to you. However, it is much safer than using PUBLIC systems.
So I don't agree with DAVE in this case. It is better than most paid VPN services and it is safer depending on who runs the paid VPN it is certainly safer than using a FREE VPN.

The VPN is as safe as YOU make it.. use real passwords and usernames.. NO DICTIONARY passwords!!!!! No easy to guess ones either.

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Hi Adrian,

I tend to prefer VPN for ease of use and aditional encryption.

And for the straight path into your home part. A VPN connects your client(browser) to ther vpn service providers server. So the ip you expose when browsing is the vpn server, NOT your personal ip. The data is then encrypted between you and the vpn server.

Thus more secure and not even your isp can inspect the packets. So dependent on which server you connect too. Might be one in USA, UK or anywhere in the world, that server ip gets exposed, never your personal one(in most cases your router ip). Whilst now if you google your ip you will be getting your home network ip.. Which is a straight path into your home..

VPN is much better for privacy online.

Yes, A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an Internet privacy and encryption tool that should be considered if safeguarding your data or online anonymity is important to you. VPN is an easy privacy tool to use and offers many features that enhance your daily Internet experience. I am using limevpn and it works perfectly for me.
Using your own router would completely defeat the purpose. Proxy/VPN is a device option, not a router option. You have to set it up on each individual device.

You only put VPN on the router when you want to access your home network from OUTSIDE your home network. Or connect it to another specific network (like work).

Nothing is safe on the internet, ever.
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