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is it possible to disguise your IP with the person look at it. For example if someone ''hacks'' and finds your IP can u disguise it to be their IP, would that be possible? another way to explain it would be. can u get their IP to reflect back showing them their own IP?

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Wide Glide:
Every computer has 2 (two) IP addresses
External—Assigned by your Internet Service Provider
Internal— specific to a single pc. Same as a Unlisted phone #

There's no such thing as just hack a computer, MALWARE is used to exploit a software vulnerability to gain access.
Having the Proper security software is extremely important so that every part of your network (at Home) is covered and usually done by Layered security:
Antivirus software–1 only
Anti_Malware software–2 different one's
Anti_Exploit software–1 only
For recommendations see:
Computer Security Forum Section

No. You obviously know nothing about computers.
maybe? idk why dont you ask someone who knows?