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So I have bought a TP link AccessPoint and i am now using it as a universal repeater to extend the range of the router signal , but the problem is that my laptop wifi keeps getting disconnected, I think it switches between the router and the repeater..
Anybody can help me with this please..

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It's great – like too many others you forgot to list any model numbers.

If the universal repeater allows you to select a different SSID (network name) for the extension from that used by the host network from the router, then a different network name for the extended network. Connect to the extended network and it should prevent the jumping between networks sources.

I hope this helps.

Don't use repeater. Use power line and a second WiFi access point.
My only access points are not wireless both ways. I connect them to the router by ethernet cable or by HomePlug or Powerline units through the house AC wires.…

Maybe there is something there you might have missed….