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Hello guys!
I am unable to choose between two things! I have a laptop with i3 and intel hd4000 and a pc with e6600..shall i stay with my laptop or shall i buy a gt730 2gb ddr5 for gaming ? I cant affroad gtx 750ti !

Best Answer:

Rallapalli: Andy has done a good analysis.

The GT 730 has more GPU power than than the Integrated graphics, especially the low power laptop version.

But the newer i3 has more CPU power.

Gut feeling is to spend your $$ on the desktop, because that's probably more upgradeable. There isn't much you can do to improve the laptop, it is what it is.

The desktop you can chuck a cheap GPU in, and play some less demanding games. If you are on a budget, these are games you can buy on Steam for $10. Might be a few years old, but if they where good 3 years OK, they will still be worth playing.

Then you save up your money and you can buy a new motherboard and CPU, and get a decent I5 in the desktop.
Then save up some more and buy a better PSU and graphics card.

Other answer:

There are three versions of GT 730, and Gigabyte sells a GT 730 V2 2GB GDDR5 with a clock of 902 MHz
It is 2.3x the HD 4000 Mobility (or 129% stronger)…

It is slightly under gt 740 v1 ddr3 993mhz…

and is below GT 740 GDDR5 versions…
gt 730 v2 should be about rank 197 and the laptop at #439

the Pentium E6600 will reduce performance as score 1884 and a core2 Duo E6600 is not better at 1559
The desktop also needs a quad core cpu
i3-3120m is score 3218
With more detailed motherboard info might find a used cpu also.
It's hard to know how much the old weak cpu will lower performance.
It will be better than the laptop, but may show lag.

Six of one, half dozen of the other. The laptop has better CPU, but obviously isn't going to be able to get upgraded. The desktop has a crap CPU that's going to preclude you from playing most modern games even if you throw a low end GT 730 in there.

I would save your money until you can afford a meaningful upgrade of the desktop.

Laurence I:
intel HD is part of the cpu. for that kind of freebie you dont get the full monty. its gonna have POOR OpenGL(used by many games) POOR 3D used by many games. but it will have just enough to play many simpler games.