I'm asking to be remove from your site. Please! PRO SE!?

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Again I'm asking to be removed from your web site, Please.
I'm not a part of your community!
I'm a private citizen, former US Military, a honorable Veteran.

OK! I'm taken pictures of this and handing it to the FBI, OK.

Other answer:

Hi Cul!

There are just three slight problems with your question:

1) You've started your sentence with "again", yet this is the very first time you have ever posted on this site; and you only created your account today.

2) We DON'T WORK FOR YAHOO. This is just a Q&A site used by normal internet users, we have no ability to "remove you from the site", even if we wanted to.

By all means take some pictures and hand them to the FBI – I seriously doubt they'll care and may end up prosecuting you for wasting their time.

3) Nobody knows what the Hell you're talking about. Does your carer know you're using the computer without supervision?

You are not on my website. SO I cannot remove you.
Again. You signed up today and this is your first question.

Please feel free to hand you pictures to whomsoever you wish. Once they have stopped laughing at you please remove yourself from this site.

Time to GET OFF the Drugs………………….or on them ????