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so i learned html how do i create websites of my own now? what should i download? and when i do create one is it gonna appear on the internet RIGHT away? help me

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Can: No it will not. You first need to write the code. If you really know html use a text editor like Microsoft Notepad, or Linux vi or kwrite. You then need to register a domain name. Then find a hosting company who permit uploading by ftp and upload your web folders into the directory root of the server.

Other answer:

You can write your HTMl code in any text editor, Save it as plain text with an .html extension.

You will need some form of hosting to make it available on the Internet. You upload your HTML files to your hosting account. Most hosts have full instructions on how to do this.

you can program into any text or notepad software (i recommend notepad ++) as long as you save it as html to make a website live you could buy hosting or look up how to do it on your own computer if you haev a decent internet and pc usign port forwording
html (like most coding languages) only needs a text editor.
you could use Notepad, but most people prefer Notepad++ (npp).
It will not work
It wont work
Go here: http://neocities.org/