If Windows 10 is on my hard drive and I transfer it to a different computer will it work?

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The question says it all.

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How exactly do you plan on transferring it?
You can take out the HDD from the computer and plug it into the second one or you can clone the HDD on to a second HDD.

However, it won't work correctly. First, the drivers will be an issue. Windows has drivers installed for that specific system, so if you just put it into a new system it will freak and if you aren't hit with a BSOD, you will probably be bombarded with error messages. Next, the licensing agreement only allows you to have a copy of W10 installed on one system at a time. Additionally, if that computer is an OEM one, like an HP, dell, etc.. the agreement specifically sates that it can only be used on that specific machine.

Because the Windows installation was configured for a specific machine, you would have to reregister Windows on the new machine. Windows 7 and above installations are licenced to work with a specific hardware configuration and moving the hard drive to a different machine is too great a change to allow without relicensing. OEM installations of Windows are not transferrable.
Yes! The AOMEI Backupper enables you transfer Windows 10 from one computer to another computer. Only if you use it to create Windows 10 system image and create bootable media. Then, you can use the bootable media to launch another computer and do a universal restore. so that the Windows 10 system would be restored on the computer, and you can use it, too.
Define "transfer it". You cant transfer Windows OS from one disk to another – you have to reinstall it.
You can transfer the hard disk from one PC to another – within limits depending on the hardware types installed n the different PC's and accepting the lowest common denominator of software drivers.
Chances are it will work but there may be some driver issues depending on the hardware you have on the other computer. If they both have matching hardware you shouldn't have any problems other then some registry glitches with file locations, etc.
No it will not work I already tried in the past tranferring windows xp hdd to another pc only thing I got was a quick blue screen
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no, Done