If the Deep Web isnt indexed, how is it searched?

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Deep web isn't Indexed because its not on the Internet and at times just blocked by particular browsers.

Most deep web is more like a Intranet (Private) and not an Internet (Public).

Any body can create an Intranet.. which can only be viewed Privately.. and even create a Public site that only certain browsers can access… you ever seen a warning telling you to use a particular browser… this is because the Server knows how your are accessing their site.

The Onion Network is a Deep web… so they are an Intranet that's not listed… the only way you can use this "Deep Web" is by them giving you access…

They give you Access by downloading their "Web Browser" called Tor…
Tor comes preconfigured with Access to the Onion Network… and because you do have internet Service you can use Tor to connect to the Onion Network… and other listing they have Indexed through their Intranet.

Robot Txt files and Sitemap files is another way of blocking connections from viewing their sites…
a Robot.txt file is like a simple Firewall or bouncer saying who is allowed to view the sites on a particular network… Sitemap basically maps the sites that are available on a particular network..

Many other deep web networks uses Robot and sitemaps to prevent Public connections… some may only connect you if you been redirected by a specific site.. these are called Redirectors.

You can even block connections by Region, ISP, Operating System etc…

It is not searched. You need to know where you are going. That is why it is called the deep web – as opposed to the surface web that you see in search engines that is only around 25% of the web.

If you know what you are looking for there are techniques to narrow down the search in the deep web…


It's not searched. You need to have the exact web address.
It's not! You must have a tor browser and know the address of were your trying to connect.