If the computer is turned off can it still catch a virus?

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Technically, yes you can. You can get a virus through an email you open. ( Of course you know you shouldn't open an email from any sender you're not familiar with, or click on a link in the email, but it happens all the time! People are curious! ) And your emails are delivered 24/7 when the computer could be turned off. The only way around this is to disconnect from the internet.
Sneeze on it.
Some hackers can set up your computer to be turned on remotely over Internet, and then run it as a zombie or "bot" without you knowing, load more viruses or phantom programs in middle of night or while you are at work, spy on you from your own built in web cam, run their own programs, steal your passwords, do your banking for their benefit, just about anything is possible now.
Technically Yes, it is not related to Consumer PC's it can happen with servers which have IPMI (Intellligent Platform Management Interface) or ILO (Integrated Lights Out) both are these used to connect remotely to the Server even if it is switched off.
It cannot, because you get viruses over the internet and when you aren't connected to the internet, there is no way to get a virus. When your computer is off, you aren't connected to the internet.
yes YOU can catch a virus. it doesn't matter if the computer is on or off.
Chris P:
Only if somebody removes the hard-drive; installs it in another computer or disk caddy; copies an infected file onto it; then replaces the hard-drive in your computer.
No, it's impossible. The components required for you to be infected, the hard drive and memory, have no power so they cannot run.
Not really the pc has to be on and as one answer mention on the internet
no. but also you cant use it except as a door stop.
if you want real solid protection dont connect it to the internet and dont use flash drives.
No, it can't.