If i reset my pc to factory settings, will i lose all my drivers?

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Because windows 10 isnt working propperly i want to reset it to factory setting. This means i will get windows 7. If i reset it to that point, do i need to reinstall all my drivers and have an activation code? ps: my pc was delivired with drivers and everything installed.

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If you did the Windows 10 upgrade, and you are still within the the 30 day evaluation period, then you should be able to roll back to Windows 7. This should restore all the settings and drivers to run the Windows 7 as it was before the Windows 10 upgrade.

If you try doing a factory reset from within Windows 10, I doubt whether it will work. I tried this after I did a Windows 10 upgrade, and it reported that the necessary files were not available. Fortunately I had made an image file of the C: drive from the previous version of Windows so I able to restore that instead.

If you have gone over the 30 days or you have done a clean install of Windows 10, then you will not be able to roll back.

The other alternative is to reinstall Windows 7 and the drivers from the original installation media. You will need the original Windows 7 key to reinstall this version of Windows. You should be able to download the drivers, possibly on a different computer, and transfer them on a USB memory stick.

I hope this helps, but I am not sure it will.

There is an option to "Reset" your PC in the update settings in Windows 10. This will install all drivers. I did it yesterday. You'll be able to Factory Reset back to windows 7, even if you reset
If you have a recovery partition or media, a factory reset will restore the computer back to the day you bought it, with all factory drivers required for all factory hardware in that machine. It will likely run Win7 updates for a day or two afterwards, depending on how old the recovery data is. A factory recover re-installs the OEM certificates as well, so Win7 should be authenticated already after factory restore.
You can reset windows 10 without going back to windows 7
update and security
It will keep your current drivers and you can choose to keep your files or not
Download a copy of Windows 10, and clean install that.
you will probably not be able to factory restore, the 10 upgrade normally destroys the restore files.