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A guy, who is hacker tries to hack my wifi. I am worried that he may misuse my wifi, I don't know what should I do? Pls help me.

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Yeah not a lot you can do. Here's some tips. If he hacks your wifi, you can easily call the cops and he can get in trouble, because unauthorized access of any network is illegal. If you don't want to go quite that far, you can also block his computer's MAC address from within the router. This can only be done after he's already hacked into your network. If he's gone to great lengths to block your MAC address and change your wifi password, you can connect a non-blocked computer to the router via a hardwire ethernet cable (wired connections do not require a password.) and block him from there. MAC address blocks are permanent and require a pretty experienced hacker to fake a new MAC address.
The sure ez way is to get a router that has the ability to be adjusted with Linux and adjust the power so it doesn't reach next door!

The second is learn how to counter fck a hacker by making folders with trap information set up very important looking folders with a trap account # and bank and tell your bank you were hacked and the hackers think this certain account has lots of money.

The bank will arrange for the hacker to come inside to collect the cash and security will get your hacker! I also load many fake trap files with corrupt bios files that auto execute silently so if hackers hack me their computer is a brick in a few moments while they are busy laughing about my account # and credit card# with password.

My auto execute bios update is loading on their machine they don't Evan know they have been counter fckded until their computer restarts and has no usable bios wahhhh!

Not a lot here but the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act states that this activity would be a felony. In the computer security world we focus on something called security in depth. This means doing numerous things to protect your IT stuff instead of just a single thing.

Here you will want ensure you are using a WPA2 password as it will be far more secure than other options. You will also want to consider relocating your router so it more centrally located and thus the signal may not reaching out through a wall as much, although if you are in an apartment complex this may be for naught.

Additionally if you have any written communication regarding this individual you can use this to alert the cops.

Make sure you have a strong network password, and DO NOT GIVE IT TO ANYONE.

Trying, and successfully hacking something are two different issues.

Let him try, and see if he can do.

If he successfully hacks your wife, and you don't notice anything, then he might misuse your wifi, and maybe you will never know.

I suggest, for you to either disconnect from the internet if your paranoid, and you don't understand what you're doing, or you continue using your internet, and you see what happens.

Andy T:
Tries, but is the hacker even successful? It is actually regarded as your fault if the hack was successful and something illegit activity originated from your network.

Password, and even lock Wi-Fi by MAC address. There simple as that, I guess that's enough or else we all would've seen RADIUS server on every home router by now.

The possible answer is to deconnect or unplug your WiFi or Ethernet or both to be sure 4 two days and if that dont work go to control panel then network try to find managing your network or something to manage your network or devices on your network. You can also go to your WiFi network ( where you change it in the net ) and change the password or ban the person address from the same place you change your password.
Turn it off ,reset all pass codes and keep it under password protection .Changing your password , a real password not 123456 every couple of months Point is dont leave it open unprotected and do not use simple passwords and dont give it to anyone who asks First get a legitimate reason then decide if they can use your WiFi most times its from feeble passwords like admin or 123456
Well there are steps you could take.

Install an AV system with network monitoring.
Use MAC filtering on your router.
Use the highest level of encryption you can on your router,
Turn of SSID broadcasting.

If your not using wireless turn it off if you can use ethernet do that instead. Its still worth pointing out you can move heaven and earth in the IT industry and your still never 100% safe.

Hide the SSID and change the password. The only way to "hack" WPA2 is guessing passwords so if you have a strong password, it's pretty unlikely. You can also do MAC address filtering which only allows the devices you allow to connect for added security.
Make sure you have WPA or WPA2 encryption with a strong password. Possibly you could change the SSID of your wifi and then hide it.