I would like to know if I can install more than one grafics card on my pc.?

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So, I'm getting an GTX 750 TI next week and i would like to know if i can use it with my gt 730.

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You probably can't.

To use them both at the same time, you'd first need two PCIe x16 slots, which only higher end motherboards will have. If you did have two slots you could maybe use them at the same time, but they won't work together.

Having them both work together is called SLI with Nvidia products.
I really doubt the 730 has a SLI port to hook the cable to it, so it probably doesn't even support it.

If it does actually have a port, the 750 ti would be slowed down to the speed of the 730. The 750 is already 4 times faster than the 730, so you'd be getting worse performance doing SLI with a 730.

Finally, you'd also need your power supply to have two power cords, if you have video cards that need power cords.

Doing SLI or Crossfire is not worth it most the time. It's usually cheaper to just get one faster card than try to do two cards together once you get the fancy motherboard and power supply.

Andy T:
Not really, while I had experimented on and knowing that it could be done as disparate as Riva TNT2 AGP with Mach64 PCI can work perfectly as extended desktop on Linux. I'm just not sure how nice it works on Windows. When people talk about more cards they usually mean SLI or CX Fire and that requires identical cards or at most a point difference between the two cards, this is much greater difference.
nah not really. To pair two graphics cards together you need them both to be the same type and also they need to support sli. Unfortunately neither of those cards support sli and they are different models. so no, you cant.
stupid to ask when no one but you know anything about your PC