I want to destroy my laptop with no evidence.?

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So i can get sum dosh from the guys who gave the warranty.

My laptop is an Acer aspire 7535G

I've tried stress testing it on Intel burn test for 10 hours and it only gets a little laggy.

Best Answer:

Cybershooterman: First: fill it up with lots of viruses and porn (log your accounts out first, obviously). Then, once the viruses have installed enough viruses and more porn and crap programs/porn viewers and your computer crashes and can't boot up again, drop it down the stairs (if you have some- the longer the better. I recommend you watch all the porn first so none goes to waste). Then bring it back to the store and there you go. New laptop guaranteed once they figure you just dropped your porn machine down the stairs by accident, new one inbound.

Other answer:

Stun gun to the bios chip!

It won't Evan display anything but a little white square at boot up.

But make darn sure you have a good warranty.

Most warranty's require you to mail the PC at your expense and wait about a month to get a new one.

But nothing bricks a PC faster then a quick blast to the bios chip leaves no marks at all.

Most warranties simply repair or replace with a similar model. You never get your money back from warranties.
You're playing a dangerous game here man
Warranty does not cover product abuse.
I know