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Judy Leeder:
Click the Windows 10 icon in the taskbar and the Get Windows 10 program will open a new window. If it lists a time and date for the upgrade then click the blue "here" link to cancel the upgrade.

Open Window Update settings and uncheck Recommended updates.

You can also get rid of the Windows 10 upgrade nags by right clicking an empty spot on the taskbar then clicking Properties. Click the Taskbar tab then click Customize next to Notification area. A new window will pop open. Scroll down to GWX and choose hide icon and notifications.

Pauly W:
You might want to call a computer technician to cancel Windows 10
Judy Leeder:
take windows out of my computer NOW I don't want to learn how to use it and I don't need it becase I'm lazy
If it upgraded within the last month you just go to settings, updates and security, roll back.
don't we all.
as long as it's not been over 30 days, you can roll back.