I want to become a database administrator how do i start?

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donald d:
I would learn the basics of some specific gear for where you want to work. It may be learning Microsoft, or NetApp, or VMWare. But learn the basics of networking and servers and data stores on your own time so you have a grasp on everything. Then start getting into the more complicated things (may involve high level college or learning code). Maybe look into some kind of internship if you want to go that route.
Pick a specific enterprise level Database system like Oracle or SQL Server and specialize in it.
Ziff Spiffington:
get a college degree in computers that teaches databases being used in the business world today
1. choose a database software
2. enroll in certification courses or study by yourself then take the certification
source : google 'database-name certification'
enrolling in certification course is expensive, but the teacher is very helpful,
the classroom is comforting, has good computer equipment.
students will learn database, spoonfed style.

if money is available then spend that money to enroll in certification courses to reduce stress
in studying by yourself and in preparing for certification exam by yourself.
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