I want to ask my neighbor something but how would I go about it? (10 points for best answer)?

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I have no internet at the moment and I want to ask my neighbor if i can use their wifi because there a friend of my family but I dont know how i would go about asking them.
I Need the internet so I can record videos playing my ps4 online so i can upload it to my youtube channel

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ScσττRΛSC³: By just asking.

I mean there is no way to sugarcoat it.

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It's 99% likely the answer will be 'no' so prepare yourself for disappointment. The problem is that they are responsible for what they download and view and if you start downloading porn or worse, they can get prosecuted and go to prison.

For little more than £10 you could buy a USB PAYG wifi dongle that works off the mobile phone network which you plug into your computer and then you will have your own internet. Top ups after that are in increments of £5 or £10 and are easy to apply.
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If your neighbor has "any smarts", they will say no. They and they alone are legally responsible for what you do over their Internet service. How do they know you won't do some illegal torrent downloads of movies, music or even certain types of illegal porn? Your "word" that you will be "good" is not enough if they get put in jail…

If you really must get on the Internet, either get a cell plan with a data plan and tether your phone, or go to the library or coffee shop for free Internet.

"Please Mister, can I borrow your wifi network for a bit? THANK YOU. What is the password?"