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I'm studying computer science now at university but I'm having a very difficult time understanding everything and I'm most likely to fail. Do you think I should re-take the year next year?

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it depends what your evaluation of your pass likelihood is – but do talk to a tutour adviser about your concerns, be candid about your concerns.

Raw programming ability isn't always what is needed in a career, I found that companies don't adhere to lofty academic concepts (not as much as they should actually) – also there are other IT career paths than programmer. Some programmers I started out with in the mid 90s particularly sucked comaperd to me, and they are now consultants – probably on £££££ more.

Ben D:
Some people take time to learn things. Do what you have to do to get self fulfilment. In the future, age means nothing in terms of getting employment. Therefore if you need a year out, take a year out. My neighbour was 23 when he started a degree in law. It took him four years to complete and he got a contract with a law firm at 28 so it really doesn't matter as long as it enhances your success
I think you should consider seriously whether programming is really for you. If you think it is, re-take the year, but ask yourself whether you're really likely to do any better.
Try you best go to courses and learn 😃 good luck mate
just do it, because your love to this career will motivate you and you will be good at it