I need to make my own personal VPN but i need help?

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i tried it yesterday and i was almost successful but to wasn't receiving anything as show in the photo. Am i doing something wrong?
i don't know if it has to with the IPv6 connection or anything but if it is is there any way i can fix it?

Best Answer:

kwame: The image shows that you have set up a WiFi network called MyVPN. This is not a VPN but a wireless network between your Windows PC and the router. What would be interesting is to see what you get when you click the Details button in the window you have shown.

It would seem that you have managed to get a WiFi connection over the SSID you have chosen, which means either it had no password, or you have successfully entered the WiFi pass phrase. Ideally, you should be using WPA2 (PSK) encryption and if you have the choice, the AES encryption algorithm (some select this automatically). Use a pass phrase of at least 20 characters, and random strings of letters, numbers and punctuation are best, but even two or three totally random words can be very effective. This will provide a secure connection between your computer and the router.

It appears to say that Windows believes there is an Internet connection; however, having set up your wireless connection, you should do a Restart on the computer to make sure. If you are running Windows 8 or later, do not shut down then power up again – do a Restart from the power menu.

As I said earlier – this is not a VPN but a simple WiFi network connection.

The IPv6 bit is irrelevant as it appears you have an IPv4 connection.

Other answer:

Try OpenVPN
YouTube it
If it didn't work, then Yes you are doing something wrong.