I may have installed Java when it was already installed on this computer?

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A couple of important things you should be aware of:
Java has on-going security issues, and official updates are constantly being released.

If your device has more than 1 version installed, always delete the lower numbered version, and only have the very latest one installed. (Old versions are still exploitable when they reside on a device…which is an on-going problem.)
Look in Control Panel> Installed Programs to determine your status.
This constant Java updating has become so ingrained in computer users minds, that the bad guys use this 'click thru' mentality to splash a notice on victims screens to "update your Java here", which they click without thinking. That is often a 'social engineering' trick, which actually installs malware…not Java.

Never click any links on a website that gives this notification!

Always get Java Updates directly from the Official source and thru normal channels.
That would be "Oracle".
If you have used outside links to "update Java", you should consider using all available utilities to scrub out potential malware.
"MalwareBytes" seems to work well for Windows users, but that alone may not be enough to clean out the garbage.
Seek further advice on that aspect.

Jenkin J:
Generally that just overwrites the previously installed version. And since its Java and they like pushing updates, almost daily, you basically just updated your Java platform. If your worried about it for whatever reason (like you're using a computer from the '90s and the extra 20 MB of space is very precious to you) then uninstall it.
David White Eagle:
most of the time one Java over writes the same version so you don't have to worry about it. If you put on a newer version then still not a worry.
Most of the time this doesn't really effect anything. Don't worry about it.