I leave my work computer on over the weekend. Every Monday when I return to the office, my computer is off. Any idea why?

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No one comes in on the weekend; we have no security or maintenance crew at this office. It never fails to shut off; every Monday I come in and only my computer is off. When I turn it on it says that my computer experienced an abnormal shut down, so it is literally just shutting off on its own.

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You will have to do some detective work yourself.

I suggest the first thing you have to determine is whether it is your machine or the power supply, and I would suggest swapping your machine with another. if your machine switches off then it likely to by your machine at fault. If on the other hand the swapped machine switches off and yours remains on then the chances are that there is a localised circuit break

If it seems to be the machine – get someone else to look over the settings preferably without you looking over their shoulder – just in case you have over looked the obvious.

As a matter of company policy, if you want the machines to be up and running and ready to go, it would probably be better to put them in hibernation rather than leave them running.

Apart from a supernatural intervention the only likely possibilities are a power failure an actual outage or circuit break would probably be obvious or the machine is cutting out . Overheating is a possibility, but the chances are it would also overheat during use.

If it is a big deal and you do not find a ready answer you could ask the manufacturer or microsoft.

If you don't want to swap machines or can't persuade anyone else to do so, and you suspect or want to check the circuit then just plug in something like an electric alarm clock. I am also taking it that this happens only at the weekend and presumably you leave it on during the week without any problems.

Ah well, the mystery deepens – but I am of the view that you and your collegues are best qualified to sort it out.

Your IT people could have a script setup to reboot your machine over the weekend after receiving updates and, for whatever reason, yours is failing. You can get more information about what's happening by checking the event log (assuming you even have access to it)
In the start menu search bar, type:
and hit Enter
In the left pane, expand Windows Logs and check System (it can take some time to populate)
Look for any out of the ordinary activity over the weekend and see if there is an unexpected shutdown. Check the details tab for help determining the cause.
I'd also put in a ticket with your local IT guys
Smokies Hiker:
It could be that your computer is on a different circuit that somehow is shut down over the weekend. Once the computer has lost power, it will be shut down. If possible, check to see if other computers in the immediate area are on the same circuit as yours. You could also try a different electrical connection with a computer that doesn't shut down. When you see the message about an "abnormal" shutdown, that means that either someone is just powering off your computer or the power supply to your connection is being interrupted. Is it possible to "rig" your power switch to be able to tell if someone pushed it to turn the computer off? That may eliminate one possibility of losing power. If you have an IT Department, this shutdown should show up in their records.
One thing many are missing. If this is Windows Domain, there might be a Group Policy setup to reboot on schedule or post updates. Since Windows releases updates every second Tuesday of the Month, many "Professional IT" staff test updates to ensure they do not break current applications (custom). Then, deploy them as they are approved typically over the weekends.

You can review the Event Viewer – System log and review the timeline for what has transpired since you last logged off the PC. It will state something to the effect of "Windows is restarting because – – – -".. Or if someone logged in and shut it down "User xyz logged into the system at (time). " a Reboot was initiated by user xyz".

LOL Because Your Computer Is On Hibernation Mode which means that you need to shut it down.
Or Its Turning Off Because our Office Shuts Ton The Power During The weekends!

Who The F Knows?

Maybe God And Jesus.!.!.!

I have read the updates, but honestly I am not planning on reading the other answers. We are also a small company and I am the IT "staff" (army of one!) and one of our guys has a similar issue…not every weekend, but random power shutoffs. I finally tracked it down to a power supply acting up, and after changing it out….we've been fine for about a month now. I got a power supply tester from tiger for about $20 that helped, but a better test is still a new one….and good luck!
your pc can be set to go to sleep by energy saving settings OR it set by global policies of the network that your computer will go to sleep or will shut down after period of inactivity. I'm sorry but I can't resist asking, why would you leave your pc on for dozens of hours for no reason? If you have opened many windows and you'll need them later, put your pc to SLEEP mode. Not only you cause your employer unnecessary costs on power consumption, it's also unfriendly to environment. If you had a good reason for that, i wouldn't mind, but doing it without reason is plain wasting. I don't mean it in a bad way, but you'll do me and this planet a favor if you reconsider energy wasting.
Mr. X:
This is more likely if the PC goes to sleep mode, but even if it completely shuts down, it might be because there is a (very common) timer in your PC switched on, the same which turns down the screen when you don't use it for a while, and it turns off your computer.
It might though be a sign of something more serious. Please google the problem thoroughly.
Md Sohag:
Iwould have said that it is immediately set to shut downward. What bothers me is you don't choose to switch it off from the outset, or that your employer doesn't need you to do it anyway; if you happen to and your colleagues result in the computers on every weekend, you're wasting source of electricity. At my work, the computers shut down overnight every night, and we have to change the monitors off at the same time
I'd have said that it is automatically set to shut down. What bothers me is that you don't choose to switch it off in the first place, or that your employer doesn't require you to do it anyway; if you and your colleagues leave the computers on all weekend, you're wasting electricity. At my work, all the computers shut down overnight each night, and we have to switch the monitors off too.