I have a message that keeps popping up on my computer that says that my computer is infected and to call a 1-800 number. its a virus.?

Home » Security » I have a message that keeps popping up on my computer that says that my computer is infected and to call a 1-800 number. its a virus.?
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Yes this is bogus. It is called ransomware because it is a Trojan that demands money to remove it. There are many variations of this, such as the MoneyPak scam claiming to be law enforcement and demanding you send money via MoneyPak. None of these actually fix your computer of course, but are thieves trying to steal money.

Try malwarebytes to remove it, or Google a description of the Trojan and you ought be be able to identify it and find removal instructions.

Be very cautious because many anti-Trojan programs are Trojans themselves, filled with adware and malware.

Never call the numbers provided by the Trojan, they are con-artists.

PS: I see you called the number and they want $180. They won't fix your computer anyway- it's a con-artist. Another scam is to ask for remote access to your computer, which they will use to find financial information. DO NOT CALL the number they provide!!!!

Call a tech. It's most likely Ransom Ware. If not paid, your computer could lock up entirely, encrypted so that you will be forced to pay for the key. Get a tech to remove it ASAP!

No, don't block the site, get the payload removed
This might help. https://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-ads… Slide down to the steps for removal.

Some of these are quite simple to remove and can be removed by reputable removal programs such as Malware Bites. When in doubt, call a tech.

Run the programs below to remove any adware, browser hijackers, junklware and nasty malware

This program gets rid of most adware and browser hijackers.


This program gets rid of most of the junkware. If you use this program, be careful if you have a toolbar that you want to keep.


If that does not work or you want to double check everything and make sure nothing else got in, run Malwarebytes in SAFE MODE.


This link explains how to get into safe mode for Windows 7,8 & 10


If Malwarebytes does not find anything then try ESET online scanner to check for a virus. The first link is the online scanner. You need to USE IE while in the safe mode with networking to run it. The second link explains it.



If these do not work post your results and I can post a more aggressive way of looking for the malware.

Yes, go to your control panel and look for recently installed programs and uninstall them
Tom and Anna Marie:
It is total Bull Poop. Think about it.