I got contacted by someone who said he represented IMG models I dont know if it is a scam?

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ana: It's a scam. IMG is the top agency in the world representing supermodels like Gisele and Kate Moss. They NEVER contact anyone who has not submitted photos through their website first. And if they do contact you after sending in pictures, it's always by phone, not email, and they set up an appointment with you at one of their offices. You always meet them in person
If the email is not from @img.com or @imgmodels.com you know it's a scam
If you did not submit your photos through http://imgmodels.com/get-scouted/apply then it's a scam
At the very bottom of that page there is a link that says Recruitment Warning — click on it and it talks about fake scouts pretending to be from IMG and says to call the office nearest you if you are ever contacted by anyone pretending to be from IMG to report it:
"Please be aware there are certain individuals on the internet falsely claiming to be representatives (or "scouts") of IMG Models. If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be a representative of IMG Models, do not respond without first verifying their identity. Promptly call us directly at one of our offices and we will be happy to assist.

Should someone claiming to be a representative or model manager from any agency contact you, immediately alert your parents and/or a responsible adult.

Please note: IMG Models does not conduct interviews via Skype, we never request photos in the nude or lingerie, and we never require monetary payment."

Here are the phone numbers of IMG's offices around the world http://imgmodels.com/about#contact — call the one in your country or the one closest to you

Modelling scams are one of the biggest scams online and every years girls are kidnapped, raped and trafficked by fake model scouts and fake photographers contacting them. Not to mention the perverts asking you to go on Skype then asking you to undress. NO model agency ever does this or asks to see you on Skype. You always meet at their office and are never asked to undress. You are asked to wear form fitting clothes like skinny jeans and a tight tank top

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Were you expecting a call from them? Do you even know what IMG is? I sure don't know.

It is most likely a scam. Tell them to go **** off somewhere else.

You'll have to send me a picture before I can comment 🙂 In all seriousness, it's 99.9% a scam.
It is a scam.