I got a new computer and it cant run game that are easy to run?

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I just got a computer and im trying to run games like Rocket League but I cant for some reason and yes my drivers are up to date and so is windows(windows 10)and the computer has a 960 with 4gb and 8 gb of ram and an i5-6402
I got a new computer and it can't run games that are easy to run someone please help

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Need more details.
1.Describe the error properly
2.some old gamer like Oni cant run on anything except windows XP. so if that rocket league is one of em then u cant play it.
Did you check to see if the game is compatible with Win 10? You do realize that some older games aren't, right? You need to go to the game manufacturer website and see what they say about Win 10 compatibility. There may be a Win 10 patch to install.

As a final resort, you can try running the game in compatibility mode. When you are installing in compatibility mode, you select the OS you know the game will run in.

That game…..it will even run with windows XP…..you may have to try to run the game in compatibility mode…..
You need to explain…
can you tell me the name of the games which u are not able to run.. coz it may require more fileto run or it may be the problem of graphic/video driver
Describe "can't run games." You double-click the game's shortcut to play, but it won't launch? Or, it launches but it sits on a black screen and doesn't load? Or, the game actually loads, but the performance is terrible? Which?